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Message from the Founders


Schmatz is a German word for "sound of happiness." It means "the sound of your tongue getting sick when you eat delicious food" or "the sound of kissing your favorite person's cheeks". "The laughter you hear from a bistro on the street", "The sound of beer opening at the end of work". "Sound of happiness" is ten people and ten colors. We want to bring to the world the moment when you can feel "Oh, happy" with delicious authentic German beer.

"We want to deliver our German beer to the world."

 As a childhood friend since we lived in Hamburg, Germany, we had the opportunity to visit Japan for work and study abroad after going through New York and London. I decided to start from Japan because I knew about Japanese beer culture, touched on Japanese culture that is particular about quality from food to liquor, and thought that you could understand the goodness of German beer here. In 2013, Schmatz was founded from a warehouse in Nakameguro to realize the dream of bringing the enjoyment of German beer and German beer culture to the world, which he has been proud of as a German. SCHMATZ, which sold German beer and sausages from kitchen cars, became particularly popular at Aoyama Farmers Market and Fuji Rock Festival, and in 2015 it was finally able to open its first store in Akasaka. After rapid growth from that point, Schmatz operates nearly 40 stores as of 2020, but in order for more people to enjoy Schmatz's German beer, we have partnered with a historic German brewery to create an original bottle of beer. I decided to sell it. We will continue to deliver Schmatz beer so that more people will know the deliciousness of German beer and the enjoyment of German beer culture. There is still a long way to go, but we will continue to pursue our dreams without giving up, aiming for a day when people all over the world can connect with German beer.

"Creating a wonderful encounter" with German beer

"Beer should be made only from malt, hops, water, and yeast." In 1516, the Kingdom of Bavarian enacted the "Reinheitsgebot", which describes this sentence, and since then, simple beer has been the only beer in Germany. Believing that it is a real beer, we have built the German beer culture with passion and pride. I believe that the world will be filled with happiness by knowing the goodness of beer and people as they are. Anyone can make friends if they toast with real beer and forgive them. May this beer be a catalyst for countless wonderful encounters and happiness. We look forward to being loved by many people around the world for our beer made with such "dreams," "passion," and "pride."

Support the community

An indispensable community for Schmatz. Whether you're a family member, a friend, or a regular at your favorite store, there's a community and connections. Our beer is the most active in such an environment. We think that our beer is best when everyone can enjoy it happily and happily. No matter how delicious and discerning beer you make, you cannot reproduce the happy taste when everyone drinks it. A community that makes delicious beer even more delicious. The power to make things that cannot be done by one person alone. We believe that it is at least Schmatz's gratitude to support what is called a community with that potential. We will carry out activities to support communities that contribute to society in various fields.

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