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Schmatz is a term in German to describe a sound of happiness - the sound to describe the kiss you give your grandma on the cheek, or the sound you make when something is super delicious. We hope to deliver the best German beers so that you can hear that sound of joy when you pop one of our bottles open!

Founders and Journey

Schmatz was founded by two young Germans in Tokyo with a big dream: serving our German beers to the whole world. We still have a long way to go. But we never stop dreaming and hope you do not either.


"Crafting millions of friendships" through our German beers “The only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be Barley, Hops, Water and Yeast” A law including the preceding sentence called the Reinheitsgebot was adopted in Bavaria in 1516. Ever since, the German people believing that the simplicity of beer is proof of its authenticity, had built its world-renowned beer culture with passion and pride. Just how people appreciate the value of genuine beer in Germany, if people could understand the value of a genuine friendship, we believe the world can become an even better place. We believe that anybody can become friends over authentic beers, and we hope that our beers will form millions of friendships. With that dream, passion and pride we brew our beers to be enjoyed by people across the globe who seek happiness in simple and genuine things.

German Beer Styles

The Land of Craft Beers Just like there are different styles of sake all across Japan, Germany also has a vast variety of beers from different origins. When craft beer first became popular in Japan, it was known as “Ji - Beer”, which is a play on words of “Ji - Sake” (Ji meaning “of the local area”). In that sense you can say that Germany is the original land of “Ji - Beer” (local craft beers)! Up north around Hamburg, Pilsners are standard beer, where as in Dusseldorf, which is in the west, a darker beer style called altbier is the local go to. Just a bit south of that in Koln, you will find their local beer style Koelsch, a blond, light variety of beer. When you simply order a beer in each region, the default beer you are served is typically the one from each region. As you can see people have a lot of pride in their local beer styles in Germany. Using only four basic ingredients, traditional brewing technology and original house strains of yeast, roughly 5000 different styles of beers are said to be brewed across Germany.

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